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You Can Teach Grammar

“Because it sounds better.”

“That’s just how it is.”

 “English is crazy!”

 Most of us have given answers like these when faced with student questions about grammar. It’s an easy out in the heat of the moment, but we know that it’s unsatisfactory for our students.  And the truth is, there is always a more thorough explanation for grammar choices.  The problem comes about when teachers don’t know or don’t have easy access to the answers.

Three TESOL trainers — Claudia Bertotto, Jimena del Azar-Pintaric and Margaret Hurley — have encountered hundreds of TESOL trainees with poor knowledge of English grammar and with huge fears of teaching it.  These three decided to create a resource for trainees (and teachers in the field!) which addresses not only the fundamentals of grammar, but also the intricacies of dealing with that grammar in the ESL classroom.  The result is You Can Teach Grammar.

You Can Teach Grammar is a self-contained TESOL grammar course book that will help all kinds of teachers understand English grammar themselves, and will prepare them to answer student questions and teach grammar topics in a relaxed, effective way. Grammar is explained in everyday language and ideas are given for teaching these topics and avoiding the typical mistakes associated with difficult structures.

The session to present You Can Teach Grammar will talk about some of the typical headache-inducing questions that are encountered in the classroom, and will give an overview of the book.  Join us, and discover a valuable new resource.


Wilson Hall, Room 1017, 11:15 a.m.