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Alternative Income Streams ESL
Wed. April 20, Employment Event


(no waitlisting available for this event)

Alternative Income Streams: A Self-Employment Discovery Event

As employment becomes more and more precarious, many TESL professionals are choosing to take control and make their own work happen. The idea of multiple income streams is gaining traction everywhere. Whether it’s consulting, freelancing, or starting a full-time business, self-employment can provide more money, more flexibility and more satisfaction. Join us for an evening of information and story sharing,  as we dispel some self-employment myths and fears.

First, Opening Presentation: Karen Keskull, Enterprise Toronto

Karen Keskull will present programs and supports for those considering starting a business, as well as some basic steps to get you going. Karen is a Small Business Consultant with the City of Toronto Economic Development & Culture Division. As a member of the Enterprise Toronto team, her work includes delivering partnership outreach programs, including presentations and business plan review meetings, for community organizations working with entrepreneurs.

Next, Panel Discussion: Heather Chetwynd, Carolyn Flores, Deborah Miller, Judy Thompson

Learn more from a panel discussion among members of the teaching community who have first-hand experience with diverse forms of self-employment.

Heather Chetwynd has over 30 years experience in adult education and ESL. Holding a Master degree specializing in voice and adult education, she is founder and principal trainer of Voice to Word Consulting, which focuses on assisting non-Native speakers refine their English communication. Heather also teaches Canadian Workplace Culture at Sheridan College.

Carolyn Flores is a certified LINC Instructor and PBLA Lead Teacher. She owns a tutoring business and has over 20 years of combined classroom and 1-on-1 teaching experience. She is also the creator of; an award winning blog that provides tools and tips for ESL teachers and tutors.

Deborah Miller is Senior Learning Consultant and Managing Program Director for PersonaGrata Consulting, a labour market consulting firm. PersonaGrata Consulting helps organizations and direct service clients experiencing stressors associated with major life and organization change to recognize, showcase and enact strengths and create hope, optimism and flourishing in the world of work. “Persona Grata” is a Latin expression that speaks to our need to feel welcome for who we are, wherever we are.  The direct translation of this expression is “person welcome”. Deborah is here to hold space for others embarking on the journey to Persona Grata.

Judy Thompson, teacher, author and TEDx speaker, taught Adult ESL for LINC, PDSB and Sheridan College before starting her own business teaching Spoken English online. She currently sells her materials, tutors executives and trains teachers from her home, in her pajamas. Never fussy about appearances, it’s her dream job.

Finally, Q & A Discussion

Join in, as we open the discussion to all.

Location: The Centre for Social Innovation Annex720 Bathurst St, Toronto (please note that no bottled water is sold on site)
Schedule: Registration 5:30-6:00; Guest Speaker and Panel Discussion 6:00-7:30, followed by Q & A.
Registration: Members: $5; Non-members: $10 (includes light refreshments) / HST included / Sorry, no refunds.

TICKETS: We have sold out!

May 27-28 – TOSCON16

Fri Evening Gala = “Creativity & Innovation”
Location: Victoria College, UofT
Saturday Full Day Conference
Location: New College Vicinity, UofT
*More details on the conference website (

TOSCON16 is coming and we’re looking for speakers! Running from TESL Toronto conference 2016May 27th to 28th 2016 in Toronto, we need presenters in all areas: LINC, ESP, EAP, Private sector, etc. We are open to workshops, panels, debates, presentations, and any other creative format.

Share your lesson, activity or idea with fellow ESL Teachers at TOSCON16.

Submit your application to present here.

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