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TOBELTA web conference was awesome!


Our first web conference with BELTA was a smashing success! With over 300 attendees over the course of two days, over 50 at our closing plenary alone, we are so proud. Thanks to moderators, speakers and BELTA organisers for making the weekend run smoothly! We may have just discovered a match made in TESL heaven. 🙂

Day 2 – Saturday, August 9 (DONE!)

  • Day 2, PLENARY: Leo Selivan – From grammatical mistakes to lexical opportunities
  • Day 2, Sandy Millin – Making the most of student journals
  • Day 2, Joanne Malefaki – Academic writing: plagiarism
  • Day 2, Esma Senel – Digital storytelling and autonomous learning
  • Day 2, James Papple – Oral Feedback on Written Composition
  • Day 2, Lizzie Pinard – Is anybody reading this? Making writing interactive through the use of blogs and Edmodo

Day 1, Friday, August 8 (DONE!)

  • Day 1, PLENARY: Roseli Serra – How to integrate extensive & active reading to creative writing
  • Day 1, PLENARY: Dimtris Primalis – Writing: Preventing common mistakes
  • Day 1, Tyson Seburn – Visuals: a text’s (and learner’s) best friend
  • Day 1, Malu Sciamarelli – The secret passageways of writing
  • Day 1, John Arnold – Tools for Adapting Authentic Reading Material
  • Day 1, Walton Burns – Past the 5 paragraph essay

Links to the recordings are here:

TOBELTA Web Conference Program   Google Docs

Certificate of Participation

If you require a certificate of participation, you can find it on the Facebook Event Page. Please go there to download it and like us on Facebook.

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