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The 30 Goals Challenge

The Consultants-e’s Shelly Terrell has an reflective, inspirational and proactive set of goals for educators in 2011.  On almost a daily basis, she uploads a video, podcast and blog post containing a short-term and long-term goal with regards to a variety of issues in the classroom.  If you’re looking for a daily dose of professional development, take part in one or all of the goals and let everyone know about it on your blog, on Facebook or by commenting on the posts themselves.  From the 30 Goals site, Teacher Bootcamp:

Throughout the months of February/ March we will aim to accomplish 30 short-term goals related to education in 30 days. These are short-term goals we reflect on and see how they help us aim towards long-term goals.We support each other through various social networks. You will also read very short related posts in this blog and at Lisa Dabb’s (@TeachingwthSoul) Teaching With Soul blog. Lisa will be helping support the various social media forums. I’m glad to have her expertise and experience in this area, especially since she had accomplished so much by mentoring new teachers in the #NTChat and through The Educator’s PLN Ning Teacher Mentorship group.

Here’s a list up to today of the current goals.  You can see many educators’ responses them either through comments of through a list on the post themselves.

  1. Be a Beam
  2. Re-evaluate Value
  3. What Do You Believe About Learning?
  4. Leave it Behind!
  5. Leave it Behind!
  6. Invite Them In!
  7. Play and Have Fun!
  8. Rethink Student Behavior and Classroom Management
  9. Make a Global Connection
  10. Plant a Seed of Belief

Hope to hear your thoughts on these goals!

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