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TESL Toronto Bursary Application (closed)

Bursary recipients have been notified.

The TESL Toronto Bursary Application is available for TESL Ontario’s 41st Annual Conference – October 24-26, 2013. Submissions are due September 20th, 2013.

TESL Toronto recognizes that paying for professional development is a financial burden for some of our members. As such, we have established an annual Professional Development Bursary Fund to help offset the costs of professional development. Members whose financial situation is such that they would otherwise be unable to attend either the TESL Toronto or TESL Ontario conferences are invited to apply for a bursary for a 1-day pass the conference.

I. Eligibility

If you are a TESL Toronto Affiliate member in good standing, you are eligible to apply. Current members of the TESL Toronto Executive are not eligible to apply.

II. Selection criteria

    1. All eligible applicants who apply by the stated deadline will be considered.
    1. If there are more applicants than bursaries available, priority will be given to those who:
      1. Have contributed to TESL Toronto in the past. (e.g. volunteering at conferences)
      2. Have not previously been awarded a Professional Development Bursary from TESL Toronto.
    2. In the event that the number of remaining applicants exceeds the number of bursaries available, the recipients will be drawn by lottery.


Click here to complete the application

Those selected will be notified directly.

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