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Learn in the privacy of your own comfy couch

Wondering how to complete the five hours of PD required for your TESL Ontario accreditation? No time (or money) to get out to conferences and workshops? Or maybe you went to the conference but want to see what you missed in the sessions you didn’t attend? Problem solved.

TESL Ontario has recently upgraded their Online Professional Development system, so members can help themselves to  about 100 hours of TESL Ontario Conference sessions, and receive a PD certificate for every session completed. Each hour of online presentations counts as half an hour of PD. 

To start doing online PD, go to TESL Ontario’s Webcast page.  You will then need to enter your TESL Ontario membership number, and the secret password (27carlton – no space and all lower case letters). When you’re finished, remember to download your PD certificate from the TESL Ontario website (if you want it to count for PD hours).

If you have any problems with the system, please email Kevin O’Brien, the TESL Ontario Webmaster, at Note: he doesn’t do couch repairs.

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