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On The Agenda: Canadian immigration and multiculturalism

Ontario current affairs program The Agenda recently tackled immigration and multiculturalism head-on in a 6-part series featuring a wide range of voices and issues. Click on the ‘Continue Reading’ link below for descriptions of each episode and links to the videos.

Immigration Nation
Air date: Jan. 27, 2011. Live from the Munk School of Global Affairs: The Agenda takes the pulse of immigration in Canada today. 40 years after Pierre Trudeau liberalized federal policies, Canada seems a less welcoming nation. Where is this resistance coming from? Is the mosaic working? Go to video.

When does Canada Become “Home”?
Air date: January 28, 2011. Many Canadians find themselves torn between their birth country and Canada. When, if ever, do we shed our affiliation and allegiance with the homeland and become Canadian? Go to video.

The Microcosm of Markham
Air date: January 31, 2011. Markham, Ontario has grown from a predominantly English-speaking suburb of Toronto to a bustling, predominantly Chinese city. Examining the successes and stumbles of Markham. Go to video.

The Mosaic in Meltdown?
Air date: February 01 2011. Are Canadians tired of accommodating new immigrants? Is that why more and more of them opt for the melting pot rather than the mosaic model of immigrant integration? Go to video.

What You Bring, or What You Find?
Air date: February 2, 2011. What determines why some nationalities prosper when they arrive in Canada, while others struggle? Is it down to the support systems in place in their adopted homeland? Or is it cultural? Is it the values that you came with which will determine if you prosper in your new home? Go to video.

Eric Hoskins: Immigration Funding Feud
Air date: February 3, 2011. Ontario Citizenship and Immigration Minister Eric Hoskins says the federal government is cutting $44 million from 35 community agencies that are critical to helping immigrants settle in Ontario. The federal government says Ontario gets its fair share of immigration funding and that it is simply adapting to the changing immigrant settlement patterns. Will the funding cuts hurt Ontario’s newcomers? Go to video.

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