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Literacy and ESL teachers, students and assessors needed for focus group

The Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy is currently conducting a project related to Literacy and Basic Skills learners who also have ESL needs. Teachers, learners, and assessors (from ESL, LINC, and/or LBS) are invited to participate in a 1.5-hour paid focus group this fall ($20 for teachers/tutors/assessors, and $25 for students). According to Research Project Managaer Olga Herrmann, “Improved service coordination between programs offered through the Learning Ministries (EDU, TCU, MCI) are a focus of this project; therefore, we are also interested in hearing from ESL or LINC instructors who have recommended that students attend Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) programming or from language program assessors who have had occasion to recommend an LBS program to individuals they have assessed.” If you (or one of your students) are interested in joining a focus group, please contact Olga at View the project blog here.

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