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#LINCchat: Join the conversation

What is #LINCchat?

lincchatThis is a chat that occurs on Twitter every second Tuesday, with an occasional Friday chat, on topics related to LINC instruction. LINC is Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada, a program funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, which offers FREE language training across the country for permanent residents.

How does it work?

Anyone with a Twitter account can join in the chat by following the hashtag #LINCchat during the scheduled time. Moderators will lead the discussion by asking a series of questions. Anyone can reply to these questions by simply tweeting their thoughts or answers and using the #LINCchat hashtag in their tweet. You can learn more about Twitter and Twitter chats in this video:

What if I don’t have a Twitter account?

You have two choices here. You can either  Get Free Twitter Account , or you can simply read the discussion by following this link: Linc Chat Discussions

When is the next chat?

A schedule for future chats and topics along with summaries of past chats are posted on the Tutela Group for #LINCchat.

If you have any other questions, please email Nathan Hall at, post a message on the Tutela group forum, or send us a tweet at @nathanghall or @stanzasl.

This initiative is under the direction of #LINCchat moderators: Nathan Hall (BC TEAL Board Member) and Svetlana Lupasco (TESL Toronto Executive Member)

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