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ESL linked to ‘erotic transformation’?

According to  Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright at the Huffington Post, ESL may improve a learner’s sex life: “In the case of English as a second language, a person may become more assertive in his or her amorous efforts. In the bedroom, this could be erotically enticing as a lover changes his or her mannerisms, tones and overall sex personality. One’s inclination to enhance cultural contexts via language could further change up sexual contexts as lovers reveal a side of themselves never known.”

Read the entire article here.

Comments (3)

  • Reply Tyson - May 28, 2011

    Look at that, more reasons teachers can use to convince their students to continue learning autonomously. Haha.

  • Reply Ellen - May 29, 2011

    This has got me thinking about ideas for new vocab lessons.

    • Reply Tyson - May 30, 2011

      Phrasal verbs, perhaps?

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