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In the news: City Hall delays decision to condemn settlement cuts

On February 8, City Councillors decided not to send a letter to the federal government asking for the restoration of funding to Toronto settlement agencies. Instead they voted, by a narrow margin, to send the issue to a committee for further consideration.


  • Read article by Torontoist here.
  • Read Councillor Janet Davis’ (Beaches-East York) letter urging City Hall to take action on the issue here.
  • See how your councillor voted here.
  • Read a Globe and Mail article about the cuts here.

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  • Reply Tyson - February 8, 2011

    What it seems like the government fails to take into account is that the services are not only provided for super-new immigrants–those that arrived just this year–but also to new immigrants–those that have been here for more than a year. Both groups continue to need these services in major cities where the immigrant population is still highest.

    Of course, time will tell, I suppose.

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