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Challenge yourself with 30 goals for education

Remember those New Year’s resolutions that by now have gone by the wayside?  We’ve found a more applicable challenge for your teaching and your classroom.  ESL/EFL teachers around the world are taking part in the 30 Goals 2011 Challenge!  Each day, a new goal is set for teachers of all contexts to reflect on and try implementing in their lesson planning, classroom teaching and interaction with students.  With short-term and long-term visions, along with a videopost and podcast to help guide you, take up the challenge at your own pace and read how other educators have responded.  Unlike those pesky resolutions, these goals are realistic, simple and fulfilling to implement.  And if you can’t get enough, take a look at the 2010 set too!

Click here or on any of the goals listed so far to read more and start participating!

The 30 Goals 2011

Source: Teacher Reboot Camp
  1. Be a Beam
  2. Re-evaluate Value
  3. What Do You Believe About Learning?
  4. Leave it Behind!
  5. Reflect, Step Back, Act
  6. Invite Them In!
  7. Play and Have Fun!
  8. Rethink Student Behavior and Classroom Management
  9. Make a Global Connection
  10. Plant a Seed of Belief
  11. Give Students Reign
  12. Engage Parents
  13. Help Them Reflect on Their Failures
  14. Build an Ideal Classroom Culture
  15. Be a Guide
  16. Change Your Environment
  17. Help Them Shine!
  18. Share Your Story
  19. Avoid Burn-Out
  20. Share Your Resources
  21. Encourage Creativity
  22. Be a Mentor or Find a Mentor

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Comments (2)

  • Reply Shelly Terrell - March 19, 2011

    Thank you Tyson for passing this along and being part of the journey! You’ve really brought a lot of inspiration and joy to the experience.

    • Reply Tyson - March 19, 2011

      You’re very welcome! Your goals themselves are very inspiring and if taken as real reflection and subsequent implementation can truly make a difference in and outside the classroom.

      I hope more of our membership gets involved, whether they say so or not. =)

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