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Apply to join our executive

Each year from January to May, TESL Toronto accepts applications for our Executive. We have received a few so far this year and will continue accepting them until TOSCON14 on May 24, so if you’re interested please apply soon!

By volunteering on our Executive, you gain several benefits:

  • working together passionately on professional development events with a dedicated group of professionals
  • committee experience that looks great on a resume
  • a chance to try your hand at various capacities on the executive over your term(s)
  • excluded from any TESL Ontario accreditation audits

By joining our Executive, there are a few expectations too:

  • you are willing to commit to a minimum of a 3-year term
  • you represent your teaching sector
  • you wish to actively contribute to meaningful discussions

Our current Executive consists of:

  • 14 members (we may increase to 16)
  • 12 women / 2 men
  • 6 from current colleges/universities
  • 2 from current private sector schools
  • 2 from current LINC/Settlement sectors programs
  • A healthy number who currently focus on EAP
  • 1 who teaches literacy level ESL
  • 1 currently freelance
  • 1 from teacher training programs
  • A few educational technology specialists
  • A couple employment/business specialists

We aim for diversity and as such, your best chances are when your area of expertise and experience fills a gap in our current executive. All applicants will be contacted after TOSCON14.

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