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Accreditation PD Hours

Completing PD Hours

If you have TESL Ontario accreditation, you must complete 10 hours/year of professional development (PD). Remember to request — and keep — proof of completion of the activity (e.g. a PD certificate, often registration emails from our events do this): TESL Ontario can randomly audit members to check their PD status.

There is a wide range of activities recognized as PD by TESL Ontario. You can find the list of ‘PD Activities Recognized by TESL Ontario‘ on their website.

Online training, e.g. webinars, also count as PD.  Follow this link to a list of fantastic online PD recordings.

TESL Ontario Webinars

For those interested in attending webinars, please click here

Queries related to PD or accreditation should be addressed to Accreditation Coordinator at TESL Ontario.