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Summit on the Future of the TESOL Profession

What does the future hold for the TESOL profession? 
What policies should be in place to prepare future generations of English language learners? 
These are some of the key questions that will be addressed at the Summit on the Future of the TESOL ProfessionThe Summit will take place in Athens, Greece, but you can participate online from anywhere in the world! Online Participant registration is FREE. All you have to do is sign up. The conversations begin this Thursday, 1 December, so don’t delay. The Summit will showcase 12 innovative thought leaders from 6 continents whose ideas will challenge common misconceptions and help re-envision a future grounded in equity, inquiry, and professionalismThe Summit will enable a strategic conversation around four major themes: Futurology, English in Multilingualism, Reimagining English Competence, and The Profession as Change Agent.Although the face-to-face portion of this event is by invitation only, everyone is encouraged to register (for FREE) as an Online Summit Participant.As an Online Summit Participant, you’ll be able to:

  • participate in pre- and post-Summit discussions
  • live-stream the Summit from Athens
  • interact with Summit speakers through roundtable discussions and question and answer periods

Help shape the conversation as TESOL thought leaders, policy makers, and industry professionals look to set a course for the future.


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