Care to join your TESL Toronto community in some at-home, pyjama-wearing PD? We’re hosting an ongoing series of webinars just for you! No, there is no set regular schedule for them yet, but keep your nose to the ground (or eyes to your email/our website/our Facebook page) to be in the know. Details for upcoming webinars will be posted here.

What is a webinar?
It’s an online seminar that takes place on a webinar platform (there are several kinds). Most laptops have the needed software preinstalled to successfully log on to a webinar platform, but you should always do a tech test before attempting to attend. Java and Adobe Flash are almost always the two programs used to join a webinar platform.

How do you join a webinar?
It varies, but normally the host provides a direct link to a log in page that asks for a username (usually most people enter their full names). It’s this simple.

Does it count towards TESL Ontario accreditation renewal?
Yes! TESL Ontario now allows 1:1 hours for attending a live webinar. Please visit their site for more information.

What webinar platform does TESL Toronto use?
BBcollaborateWe use is Blackboard Collaborate, which is generously shared with us by the Webheads (Learning 2gether) community! Big thanks to them. To check your system to use the platform or view past Webheads webinar recordings, click here.

Ready… set … go!



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