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As teachers, having an online presence is increasingly popular, be it a teaching or classroom blog, website, wiki or any number of other social networking sites.  We’re very interested (as we’re sure you are too) in how our members are using the web for their professional endeavours.  We’d like to show you, your group or your classroom off!

We’re looking for teaching / learning – focused sites

Teaching blogs (ie. teachers post content about teaching)
Classroom blogs (ie. teachers use these blogs for classroom activities with students)
Websites (eg. ESL-groups, language-related sites, resource-sharing sites, Tumblr, wikis, etc)
Twitter profiles

How to submit
We’ve started things off, so take a look around! If you’d like your blog or website added here and are a member of TESL Toronto, please give submit the following in the comment box below or email

Your name
The web address (URL) for your website, blog, and/or Twitter profile
Tag word(s): One or two words that describe the main focus of the site (eg. teaching, classroom, resources, Twitter, etc)
(Optional) A short description (30~40 words) about yourself or your website/blog

Please use the example comment below as a guide.  We’ll delete the comment if and when we transfer your information to the directory).


One Response to Submit to our directory

  1. admin says:

    I’d like to submit my blog for the directory.

    Name: John Q. Teacher
    Twitter: @johnqteacher
    Tags: teaching, reading
    Description: My Teaching Blog is the place where I share my reflections of teaching LINC 5/6. There are also ideas about activities that work well with CLB 6 in particular.

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