Thank you for applying! Application process is now closed for 2016-2017.

ESL teacher mentoringTESL Toronto is testing out a new Mentorship Program for interested TESL Toronto members.

Running from November 2016 through to our annual conference in May 2017, matched up mentor/mentee partners will attend a strategically crafted series of events throughout the year to facilitate discussion and encourage connections.

Capacity will be based on the number of accepted applications received. Please read the application thoroughly before submitting as your commitment for the full term is required for a successful program.

Mentors and mentees will be matched according to the needs and strengths submitted on the application.

MentorsHalloween 2016 deadline

  • TRAINING: Mentorship training and guidance will take place Saturday November 26th, 2017 9:30-11:30am
  • LEADERSHIP SKILLS: Gain valuable leadership skills that can be applied in the workplace
  • NETWORKING: Meet new teachers & mentors from diverse sectors
  • EVENTS: Attend exclusive speaker events and workshops
  • PD HOURS: 1 PD hour for each hour of participation
*Mentors must have more than 5 years of full-time teaching experience to qualify as a mentor in this program.

MenteesHalloween 2016 deadline

  • GUIDANCE: Connect with experienced teachers from your teaching sector (e.g. LINC, EAP, Private school)
  • ADVICE: Get valued help on teaching problems (e.g. difficult students, finding materials, fighting burnout)
  • EVENTS: Attend exclusive speaker events and workshops
  • NETWORKING: Meet new teachers & mentees from diverse sectors
  • PD HOURS: 1 PD hour for each hour of participation
 *Mentees should have 2 years or less of teaching experience.
**Please note that the Mentorship Program is not related to finding employment.

Our first mentor/mentee event is scheduled for December 5th, 2016 from 6-8pm.

Questions and comments can be sent to – please read through the complete application before submitting questions.



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