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Welcome to our directory, featuring you–our membership–and your online English language teaching and learning websites (and Twitter profiles)!  Take a look around at the sites your fellow members contribute to and get to know them.  We’re a diverse group, undoubtedly helpful to each others’ knowledge, experience and network.  If you’d like to submit your TESL website or blog for this directory, please click here.

Directory (alphabetical by member last name)

Member: Allan, John
Website: Social ESL
Tag: technology
Description: This site is dedicated to true discussion of the growth of Web 2.0 and educational materials developers. All are welcome to contribute and share to benefit the profession as a whole. Stephen and John have collaborated on a dozen articles and presentations in the area of educational technology. They have also collaborated on the development of face-to-face and online courses for a variety of clients. It must be noted that most of this activity has been to satisfy our curiosity in this area. This is a free resource for LINC and ESL teachers alike!

MemberAllen, Stephen
Website: Cooperative Outcomes
Tag: professional development

Member: Bergshoeff, Carolyn
Website: Mellyn Education
URL: /
Tag: strategies, lesson materials, blog
Description: Mellyn Education focuses on building community and support throughout the ESL teaching community. Every couple of months we host a ‘Mellyn Mixer’ to provide a no-cost, stress-free environment to meet new people between professional development opportunities. ‘Like’ us on Facebook to stay connected (

Member: Lackman, Ken
Website: Ken Lackman & Associates
Tag: professional development
Description: Although we offer a wide range of workshops, our focus is on activities and lesson frameworks that will allow teachers to plan effective lessons more easily.  These lesson frameworks and activities are methodologically sound and completely student-centred.

Member: Rakas, Radmila
Website: ESL Blog
Tag: environment, language tasks
Description: My blog presents a variety of environment themed material for all levels of learners. All four skills are represented and tasks include, among the rest: reading, listening comprehension,video watching, cloze texts, grammar, debates, letter writing, etc. Most blogs posts are readily printable for classroom use.

Member:Reynolds, Brett
Website: English, Jack
Tag: grammar, language
Description: English, Jack is mostly focused on grammar, but takes on other English issues as they catch the authors’ fancy. It is written by Brett Reynolds, who has been teaching English for almost twenty years and currently teaches in the English Language Centre at Humber College. Q Higuchi also contributes occasionally.

Member: Seburn, Tyson
Website: 4C
Tag: teaching, professional development
Description: 4C promotes community, collaboration and connectivism while also consulting teachers and schools with regards to ideas for the classroom, curricula and networking opportunities.