What is #LINCchat?

lincchatThis is a chat that occurs on Twitter every second Tuesday, with an occasional Friday chat, on topics related to LINC instruction. LINC is Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada, a program funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, which offers FREE language training across the country for permanent residents.

How does it work?

Anyone with a Twitter account can join in the chat by following the hashtag #LINCchat during the scheduled time. Moderators will lead the discussion by asking a series of questions. Anyone can reply to these questions by simply tweeting their thoughts or answers and using the #LINCchat hashtag in their tweet. You can learn more about Twitter and Twitter chats in this video:

What if I don’t have a Twitter account?

You have two choices here. You can either  Get Free Twitter Account , or you can simply read the discussion by following this link: Linc Chat Discussions

When is the next chat?

A schedule for future chats and topics along with summaries of past chats are posted on the Tutela Group for #LINCchat.

If you have any other questions, please email Nathan Hall at nathan@nathanhall.ca, post a message on the Tutela group forum, or send us a tweet at @nathanghall or @stanzasl.

This initiative is under the direction of #LINCchat moderators: Nathan Hall (BC TEAL Board Member) and Svetlana Lupasco (TESL Toronto Executive Member)

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Fun times at AGM/Trivia Night

A good time was had by all at our  Annual General Meeting  and Trivia Night (October 20, 2016). The 2016/2017 Executive has been elected and we look forward to working with our members and on professional development events in the upcoming year. Congratulations to the winning Trivia teams. First runners up won tickets to T4T: Teachers for Technology (our next event early in 2017) and the Grand Prize winning team won tickets to our spring conference, TOSCON2017.


Thank you to all that attended and for your support of TESL Toronto.